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Arkansas Football Helmet

Arkansas football Helmet
Arkansas Football Helmet
Schutt Authentic Helmet
Arkansas Football Helmet
Price: $179.00

This Arkansas Football Helmet is the Razorbacks Authentic XP model helmet with the red matte finish and white facemask. Manufactured by Schutt each helmet comes with the real pads and a real facemask as used by the players on the field. Every Arkansas football helmet is made to order and ships directly to you from the Schutt production plant to insure you receive the most updated Razorback football helmet available.

This order page is for the Authentic helmet (the first two pictures displayed are actually the replica model) but the picture with the pads and the picture with the "U" forehead facemask are the the Authentic helmet! Not all authentic pictures were available at the time of creating this page.

Additional colors for the Arkansas football helmet can be ordered. To see all the Razorback helmets click on this link Arkansas Football Helmet.