PLEASE ALLOW 10-13 WEEKS if not in our current stock. (Time frame to be reduced as Riddell catches up. Order now for "first in - first shipped" process!) NFL no longer allows last year's REDSKINS to be produced. Orders for previous years Throwback helmets are still be accepted but are subject to NFL approval. Best to get your order in the system NOW! We will not charge your payment until production is confirmed.

Jets SpeedFLEX Helmet

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Jets Speedflex helmet
Price: $599.99

The Authentic Jets SpeedFLEX Helmet used by the players. This is the new helmet design starting in 2019! Each NY Jets helmet is made by the manufacturer Riddell. These onfield Jets helmets come with the updated helmet liners, the quick release facemasks, the authentic pads, the American Flag decal and the Jets team decals. The SpeedFlex helmet has become the new desired football helmet for many of the current NFL players.

Each authentic Jets Speedflex helmet is made to order. After ordering please allow 3-8 weeks (call for current timeframe) for your authentic New York Jets SpeedFlex helmet to be shipped to you direct from Riddell. Only authentic model SpeedFlex helmets are made. No replica full size or mini SpeedFlex helmets are produced.

All NFL team SpeedFlex Helmets are available through National Sports Distributors.