Joe Montana in Accident

Joe Montana was in an off road all terrain vehicle accident this last weekend. We wish him a speedy recovery and all the best. While his injuries are not life threating, we know that the comeback kid will once again recover and move forward. National Sports Distributors has worked with 49er Joe Montana for over 21 years and Joe Montana has always been a classy and great person. He has truly been a friend to all of us here at NSD. Once Joe Montana signed 9000 items for us in one day. Let's hope Joe and the economy recover soon so we can repeat this type of day again. If you wish to send Joe Montana a get well card, send it to us here at National Sports Distributors and we will make sure he gets it.

Joe Montana

Ringgold High School, Notre Dame, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl 16 MVP, Super Bowl 19 MVP, Super Bowl 23 Champion, Super Bowl 24 MVP

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2000