Athlete Representation and Autograph Signings

National Sports Distributors has Worked with Hundreds of Athletes


NSD has held private signings at our warehouse with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Will Clark, Ken Stabler, Don Larson, Bob Feller, Pete Rose, Troy Aikman, Cliff Branch and many more for over 30 years.  We have worked with hundreds of athletes at different locations and shows providing hiqh quality autographed sports memorabilia and special corporate events for our customers. National Sports Distributors is well known for providing athletes, especially Bay Area high profile athletes, for events anywhere in the United States.

Our athletes are available for your next business event for speaking engagements, autograph signings, photo opportunities, endorsements, commercials and socializing. "Meet and Greet" events are very popular as well as golf tournaments, charity events, casino events, Super Bowl parties, memorabilia shows, personal birthday parties, watching a game together and other public or private events. Prices start as low as $1500 and go up depending on athlete, location and event.

NSD is available to help your next event be a success. Please call Robert Hemphill, President at 877-466-6826.

Once again, I would like to thank you both personally and professionally for all of your support and professionalism for the duration of this successful event.  I know it's one I'll never forget!  You were wonderful and I sincerely hope the opportunity comes around again to work together." -Event with Joe Montana. Robin Schaefer, Casino Marketing Coordinator, Reno, NV

Find out what other clients say about our athlete events in our Testimonials.

Athletes/Contacts available through Robert Hemphill, National Sports Distributors LLC, 2200 Petluma Blvd N #200, Petaluma, CA 94952, (707) 285-2900,  List below is subject to updates.




Pete Banaszak – Retired Raiders Fullback

Lem Barney – Retired Lions, HOF 92

Fred Biletnikoff - Retired Raiders, Wide Receiver, HOF

John Brodie – Retired 49ers, Quarterback

Bob Brown – Retired Raiders, Eagles, Offensive Line, HOF

Willie Brown – Retired Raiders, Defensive Back, HOF

Dan Bunz – Retired 49ers, Lions Linebacker


Derek Carr - Current Raiders, Quarterback

Dave Casper – Retired Raiders, Oilers, Vikings, Tight End, HOF 2002

Roger Craig – Retired 49ers, Raiders, Vikings, Running Back


Len Dawson – Retired Steelers, Browns, Dallas Texans/Chiefs, Quarterback, HOF 1987

Eddie DeBartolo – Retired Owner 49ers

Joe Delamielleure – Retired Bills, Browns, Offensive Line, HOF 2003

Eric Dickerson – Retired Rams, Raiders, Colts, Falcons, Running Back, HOF 1999

Trent Dilfer - Retired Super Bowl XXXV Ravens Champion, Bucs, 49ers, Seahawks, Browns, Quarterback


Dan Fouts – Retired Chargers, Quarterback, HOF 1993

Russ Francis – Retired  49ers, Patriots, Tight End


Mark Gastineau – Retired Jets, Defensive End


Lester Hayes – Retired Raiders, Cornerback

Ted Hendricks – Retired Raiders, Colts, Packers, Linebacker, HOF 1990


Honor Jackson – Retired Patriots, Giants, Cornerback, Safety

Jimmy Johnson – Retired 49ers, Cornerback, HOF 1994

Brent Jones – Retired 49ers, Tight End

Ed “Too Tall” Jones – Retired Cowboys, Defensive End


Jim Kelly – Retired Bills, Quarterback, HOF 2002


Steve Largent – Retired Seahawks, Wide receiver, HOF 1995

Bob Lee – Retired Vikings, Falcons, Rams, Quarterback

Howie Long – Retired Raiders, Defensive Tackle/End, HOF 2000

Ronnie Lott – Retired 49ers, Jets, Raiders, Safety, HOF 2000


Tom Mack – Retired Rams, Guard, HOF 1999

Don Maynard – Retired Jets, Giants, New York Titans, St Louis Cardinals, HOF 1987

Hugh McElhenny - Retired 49ers, Vikings, Giants, Lions, Running Back, HOF 1970

Joe Montana – Retired 49ers, Chiefs, Quarterback, HOF 2000

Craig Morton - Retired Cowboys, Broncos, Quarterback


Jay Novacek – Retired Cowboys, St Louis/Phoenix Cardinals, Tight End


Christian Okoye – Retired Chiefs, Running Back

Oregon Ducks – First Family of Oregon Ducks Football – The Wilcox family  - all retired football greats from the Oregon Ducks – Dave Wilcox – John Wilcox (brother of Dave), Justin Wilcox (son of Dave), Josh Wilcox (son of Dave)

Jim Otto – Retired Raiders, Center, HOF 1980


Bubba Parris – Retired 49ers, Colts, Lions, Tackle

Preston Pearson – Retired Cowboys, Colts, Steelers, Running Back


Tom Rathman – Retired 49ers, Raiders, Fullback, Current Coach at Colts

Jerry Rice – Retired 49ers, Raiders, Seahawks, Wide Receiver, HOF 2010

Jerry Robinson – Retired Raiders, Eagles, Linebacker


Jessie Sapolu – Retired 49ers, Offensive Lineman

Art Shell – Retired Raiders, Chiefs, Falcons, Tackle/Head Coach, HOF 1989

JJ Stokes – Retired 49ers, Wide Receiver

Ron Stone – Retired Cowboys, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Guard

Jeff Stover – Retired 49ers Defensive Lineman


Fran Tarkenton – Retired Vikings, Giants, Quarterback, HOF 1986

John Taylor – Retired 49ers, Wide Receiver

Chuck Thomas – Retired 49ers, Falcons, Center

Art Thoms - Retired Raiders, Defensive Tackle

Jim Tunney – NFL Retired Official

Wendell Tyler – Retired 49ers, Rams, Running Back


Gene Washington - Retired 49ers, Wide Receiver

Dave Wilcox – Retired 49ers, Linebacker, HOF 2000

John Wilcox – Retired Eagles, Tackle

Josh Wilcox – Retired Saints, Tight End

Justin Wilcox – Current Head Coach Cal Berkeley, Past Coach Boise State, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington


Ron Yary – Retired Vikings, Rams, Tackle, HOF 2001



Will Clark - Retired Giants, Rangers, First Base

Don Larson – Retired St Louis Browns/Orioles, Yankees, Kansas City Athletes, White Sox, Giants, Houston Colt .45’s/Astros, Cubs, Pitcher

Pete Rose – Retired Reds, Phillies, Expos, Outfielder/Infielder/Manager


Picabo Street – Retired Olympic Skier, Downhill, Super-G

Franz Weber – Retired Olympic Skier, World Speed Ski Champion


David Lauser – Past and Current Drummer for Sammy Hagar


Additional Athletes

NSD can provide you most any retired 49er or Raider from the roster during their Super Bowl victory years even if they are not listed above.

We also have additional high profile athletes that are not on this list. We can provide you these individual names over the phone.