Schutt College Football Helmets and Collectibles Picture Catalog


National Sports Distributors is a Schutt Sports National Master Distributor. Schutt has an extensive offering of College Football Helmets in several models including Authentic, Replica and Mini. Many chrome and special painted "hard to find" college football helmets are available. There are literally thousands of helmets offered by Schutt.

This page allows you to click on the following link Schutt College Football Helmets and Collectibles Catalog to see all the available items. This 2019 catalog is Schutt's latest catalog and is being used for 2021. At this time all the helmets and other items are not currenlty on our website but you can order these helmets by phoning us at (877) 466-6826.

Wholesale accounts please click this link Wholesale Schutt Account.

The following prices are for the various models of Schutt College Helmets: The teams listed with a stock number next to the "A" below the catalog's helmet picture have the Authentic model available., an "R" is for the Replica Full Size, the "M" is for the Mini and the "D" is for the Desk Caddy. Shipping costs will be added to the order. Items may ship from NSD Warehouse or direct to you from Schutt. Most items can be ordered in singles but depending on current inventory levels some items may require a minimum of 6 each. Order your desired quantity for each item and we will get back to you if a change is needed.

Schutt informed us on 1/10/22 that price changes will be taking place effective immediately and the prices will be higher than posted below.

We do not know the new prices as of now but we should have them before the end of the month from Schutt. We cannot confirm any price changes until Schutt provides us this important update.

  • Regular XP Model with standard finish with regular decals or chrome decals; Authentic =  $179.00, Replica = $89.00, Mini = $25.00 and Desk Caddy = $27.00.
  • Regular XP with Chrome Facemask; Authentic = $189.00, Replica = 107.00, Mini = $34.00, Desk Caddy = $36.00.
  • XP with Special Paint, Satin or Satin Paint; Authentic = $189.00, Replica = $115.00, Mini = $39.00, Desk Caddy = $41.00.
  • Aqua Tech XP Model; Authentic = $225.00, Replica = $165.00, Mini = $55.00, Desk Caddy = $57.00.
  • Chrome XP Model; Authentic = $225.00, Replica = $155.00, Mini = $36.00, Desk Caddy = $38.00.
  • Custom Made Chrome XP Helmets - includes your pick of chrome shell and chrome facemask; Authentic = $225.00, Replica = $155.00. See colors below.
  • Authentic XP Custom Helmet Design - see page 60 of catalog and call for pricing


Kelly Green, Dark Green, Yellow Gold, Notre Dame Gold, Purple, Scarlet, Maroon, Cardinal, Orange, Seattle Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Kentucky Blue, Carolina Blue, Copper, Pink, White and Black.

Painted, Molded, Matte and Facemask Colors are pictured on page 62 of the catalog.

Please call for pricing on all other items in the catalog, prices will be updated to this page at a later date.




Riddell has discontinued making the standard rounded shell VSR4 Pro Line and Deluxe Replica Full Size and Mini Helmets. Limited stock available.