Due to the lack of available materials to create helmets Schutt Sports is not producing any collectible products (helmets, desk caddies, MLB bases, coaster sets) until October 2022. Only minimal products are available. Come October 2022 it is anticipated that all Schutt products will once again become available. Only items in stock at this time are on our website.

College Mini Helmet Desk Caddies-54 Teams available

 College Mini Helmet Desk Caddies-54 Teams available Image
Price: $21.95

These cool but functional caddies hold business card, pens, highlighters etc. These desk caddies are made by Schutt. They have the same craftsmanship as Schutt Authentic Mini Helmets. The Desk Caddy features a real metal faceguard and authentic school colors and decals.

Call to see if your team is available-54 teams produced


Riddell has discontinued making the standard rounded shell VSR4 Pro Line and Deluxe Replica Full Size and Mini Helmets. Limited stock available. All teams available in the current SPEED model.