Eclipse Mini Helmets - few teams left

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Chiefs Mini Eclipse Helmet
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Eclipse Mini Helmets
Price: $34.99

The Riddell Eclipse Mini Helmets are a limited production series of speed mini helmets for all NFL teams except for the Raiders (the Raiders elected not to take part in this program). The Eclipse Mini Helmets have a black matte finish with a black facemask and a specific colored team decal. 

Teams still available are listed below. We cannot order any more of these Eclipse Mini Helmets.  Feel free to call or email us ( to secure any remaining available inventory.

The Eclipse helmets are also available in Full Size Replica but only a few Cowboys remain. . Please click on these links to visit their product page - Replica Eclipse Helmets.


PLEASE ALLOW 2-10 WEEKS if not in our current stock. ( Order now for "first in - first shipped" process!)

Riddell has also discontinued making the standard rounded shell VSR4 Pro Line and Deluxe Replica Full Size Helmets. Limited stock available.