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Super Bowl LVIII (58) Football - Offical Game Model

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Super Bowl LVIII (58) Football - Offical Game Model
Super Bowl LVIII (58) Football - Offical Game Model
Price: $199.95

This Official Wilson Super Bowl 58 Football is the same model as used in the game. It is hand made in the USA with heavy leather. Each Super Bowl LVIII Football has the Super Bowl Logo, the two team names, and February 2024 imprinted on the football. Super Bowl LVIII was played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 11, 2024.

This Super Bowl 58 Official Game Football is as close as a fan can get to the official game ball that has taken the field in every Super Bowl. The words, "Commissioner," "Made in the USA" and "Wilson" have been the only words to appear on every Super Bowl game ball since the games officially began. The first special printed Super Bowl Game Football was with Super Bowl XX. Since then every year a special printed Super Bowl Football has been used in the game. From Super Bowl 1 - 19 the everyday game football was used.