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Flat Football Repair/How to Fix a Flat Football


Has your favorite sports collectible gone flat?

If your Football is looking a bit deflated these days, we can help fix your flat football.  
We will replace the bladder and re-lace your ball with white laces for $25.00 plus shipping. (Autographed footballs are $27.00)
No more hiding your flat footballs in a closet - have them repaired and be proud again to display them!
Autographed balls will be handled gently and we will take great care to not even touch the autograph.  
This football repair service is for full size footballs, including Wilson, Rawlings, Baden, Spalding, Hutch and other brands. 
Please do not attempt to fix your flat football with a "fix-a-flat" type of product. This really creates a mess and will not work. Most bladders dry out and crack over time and "fix-a-flat" will not work.
(Footballs injected with "bicycle fix-a-flat" are not accepted without prior approval and will be charged double the fee.)
Please wrap the ball in tissue and place in a plastic bag.
Ship to:
National Sports Distributors, 298 Alder Avenue, Cotati, CA 94931
Please allow 3-7 days for the repair.  You may pay by check, credit card or PayPal.
Please add $13.95 for shipping (plus $3.00 per additional ball).
If we are shipping to California, please add sales tax of 8.75% (on shipping charges only).
If you have any questions, please contact us at 707-285-2900 or via email: info@nsdsports.com