The Traditional MLB Batting Helmets are NO Longer Produced!

There are two types of Official MLB Full Size Batting Helmets by Rawlings. For many years the Traditional Model Batting Helmet was produced for every team. These are the helmets with no vents on the top. The other model is the CoolFlo Batting Helmets which have the vents on the top of the helmets. Rawlings no longer produces the Traditional model and availability of this model is limited to our warehouse inventory.  Get the Traditional MLB Batting Helmets now before they are gone. Great for athlete signatures who played before 2006 as this is what they would have worn. Some players continued to wear this style for a few years after. One size only, sold as a collectible, not for contact sports.


PLEASE ALLOW 10-13 WEEKS if not in our current stock. (Time frame to be reduced as Riddell catches up. Order now for "first in - first shipped" process!) NFL no longer allows last year's REDSKINS to be produced. Orders for previous years Throwback helmets are still be accepted but are subject to NFL approval. Best to get your order in the system NOW! We will not charge your payment until production is confirmed.

Batting Helmets

MLB Full Size Batting Helmets by Rawlings

Batting Helmets
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