Joe Montana Autograph Ticket for YOUR ITEM for Public Line

Joe Montana Autograph Ticket for YOUR ITEM for Public Line Image
Price: $189.00

If you are going to bring your own item and have it signed by Joe Montana at our Public Signing on November 7th use this to order your ticket(s). This ticket is for a "standard item" which includes normal flats, footballs, mini hemets, full size helmets, jerseys, hats, most cards,  photos, books, and other standard items. (Note: These items are NOT standard items and have a different autograph fee - Topps Rookie Cards, seatbacks, original art, any size Super Bowl Trophy, lithographs, any numbered item such as 20/500 and canvas pictures.) Game used items need pre-approval. Any non-licensed trading cards or stickers will not be signed due to previous contract obligations.

Your autograph fee is reduced to $179 when you are buying your item to be autographed for us! Please visit this link Joe Montana National Sports Items with autograph included . All these items already have the cost of the item, this DISCOUNTED AUTOGRAPH FEE and the fee for the Certificate of Authenticity and Hologram included.

(The NORMAL public autograph fee at other events is $195 for flat items and $225-250 for other standard items such as helmets, footballs, jerseys, etc. You are receiving a Wholesale Price for his autograph at $179/189!)

Please select Free Shipping in the shopping cart for this item. The tickets will be available for pick up starting the Thursday before the signing. It is suggested to pick them up before Nov 7th as this day will be very busy. However if that is not possible we ask that you come early on Novemeber 7th if possible. It is expected that the signing will start shortly after 2 pm. The tickets will be numbered and called in groups to get in line for your autographs. Autograph tickets are not taxable!

$6 will be added to every autograph fee for your numbered Certificate of Authenticity and its matching numbered hologram. This will not be reflected in your shopping cart but will be added to your invoice total. (Note: This is taxable.)

COVID19 safe distancing and other requirements will be observed. Even though the signing will be outside in open air, please bring a facemask to be worn as required. Payment for your ticket(s) will not be charged until we receive confirmation with the County of Sonoma Health Department that the signing can take place, but place your order now. It is expected that your method of payment will be charged until October 1st or later. All ticket sales are final. However if National Sports has to cancel the signing due to COVID19, fires, or an illness with Joe Montana, or other "Act of God" then a new date will be provided and your ticket will be honored at that time as well. If no future date is scheduled then your ticket(s) will be refunded.

Joe Montana

Ringgold High School, Notre Dame, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl 16 MVP, Super Bowl 19 MVP, Super Bowl 23 Champion, Super Bowl 24 MVP

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2000