Raiders Jim Otto Signing

Private Autograph Signing with

Raiders Great Jim Otto


Take advantage of this opportunity to have Mr Otto sign your own memorabilia or we can supply photos, footballs, and helmets for you at discounted prices. Jim Otto no longer attends public autograph shows due to his health restrictions. The only avenue to get his autograph is through private signings with our company National Sports Distributors. The next autograph session with Jim Otto WAS planned for June 2020 but with the Coronavirus "Shelter in Place Order" the date is yet to be determined. Phone orders are accepted now and if you need to send us your items to be autographed you can do so once we establish a signing date. You can also send us an email to be notified of the new signing date. Our email is

Get your Jim Otto autographs now as it may become difficult for Mr Otto to sign autographs in the near future.

Known as "Mr. Raider" Jim Otto was the center for the Raiders for 308 consecutive games over 15 seasons. During this time, he handled every snap and long snap except for only 3 snaps when he had to come out to get his finger taped. This will never be repeated in the future of the game. Jim was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980. He is now 82 years old and has had over 70 surgeries including one leg amputation. This, along with other conditions makes it hard for him to now travel but National Sports Distributors will take your items or items that you purchase from us to Jim Otto to be autographed. Due to his health, the number of available autographs is limited. All aspects of this signing are subject to any health changes by Jim Otto.

Jim Otto
Hall of Fame member