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Deion Sanders Autographed Rawlings Official Major League Baseball

Deion Sanders Autographed Rawlings Official Major League Baseball
Price: $95.00

Deion Sanders autographed this Rawlings Official Major League Baseball. NSD witnesses all autograph signings. A NSD numbered hologram and NSD certificate of authenticity is included. Please note that the desired collectible RON (Rawlings Official National) and the ROA (Rawlings Official American) baseballs were produced in 1999 or before. Starting in 2000, both the American League and the National League use the same baseball. As a baseball becomes older, the baseball leather naturally starts to yellow, or show some yellow spots even if the baseball has been stored in complete darkness. This natural aging is now being reflected in all ROA and RON baseballs across the country and this is natural condition is also reflected in these autographed baseballs. These baseballs are not replicas. They are the real desired collectible baseballs as used by the player's perspective league.