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Peyton Manning Plaque - Broncos

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Peyton Manning Plaque
Price: $79.00

Our Broncos Peyton Manning Plaque is 15" x 12" and includes a nice 8x10 photo of "The Sheriff" dropping into the pocket, a deluxe engraved plate and a football card. Peyton is one of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. Manning attended The University of Tennnessee where he'd go on to win multiple awards including the 1997 SEC Championship. "The Sheriff" would be drafted #1 overall to the Indianapolis Colts and would be an immediate starter. Through his 14 years with he Colts, Peyton would recieve 4 MVP trophies, 5 First team All-Pro selections, and a Super Bowl win versus the Chicago Bears where he would be deemed the Super Bowl MVP. After Peyton was sidelined in 2011 due to neck surgery, The Colts released him and Manning signed a 4 year deal with the Broncos, where he would continue his legacy. Peyton would win his 5th MVP (most in NFL history), break records like most passing yards and touchdowns in a season ( 5,477 and 55 touchdowns), and would go on to win Super Bowl 50 in his final season in the NFL.

Each Peyton Manning Plaque is prepared to be hung on your wall or it can be positioned on a table or bookshelf. The Broncos Peyton Manning Plaque is shipped in its own box and then that box is placed in a larger box for extra protection.

The Peyton Manning football card will vary due to availability but the 8x10 action photo and the deluxe engraved plate will stay as pictured.

Our plaques are all handmade in the USA and every Peyton Manning Plaque is made with the best quality materials and high-end craftsmanship.

Model # U34B