Autographing for Dwight Clark Becoming More Difficult with ALS

It has become more difficult for 49er great Dwight Clark to autograph items as he continues to battle ALS. National Sports Distributors, who has represented Dwight Clark for over 25 years, just released the new prices for his autographs. These new prices reflect that the drawing out of "The Catch" Play from the 49ers playbook with the X's and O's has become difficult especially on smaller or items with a rough surface. Robert Hemphill, the President of National Sports Distributors was with Dwight Clark last Thursday. Clark told Hemphill that items with a rough surface or too small have become very difficult to sign with the play. This is why it is now $600 to sign these items with the play drawn out on mini helmets, jerseys and any brown panel footballs. Currently there has been a small increase in his autograph fee from $59 to $69 depending on the item. Adding the special inscription or a four word personalization or other other special inscription is just $30. Considering Dwight Clark's situation with ALS these "normal item" prices are currently a steal. It is only a matter of time until additional price increases take place. It is also possible that an announcement may take place at any time, depending on how fast the disease spreads, that Dwight Clark may no longer be able to sign at all.

Dwight Clark has mentioned that he wants to autograph for the fans as long as he is able to do so. He also told Rob Hemphill that he will no longer be able to travel by air for any more autograph appearances. The best way now for someone to get Dwight Clark's autograph is to contact National Sports Distributors. You can send your items to National Sports Distributors (NSD), or order items to be signed from NSD. For current pricing (which is subject to change immediately) visit this link on NSD's website "Dwight Clark Autographed". You can also phone NSD Monday-Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm Pacific Time at (877) 466-6826.

A quick note about ALS. This disease, also call Lou Gerhrig's Disease, effects each individual differently. In time the nerves that control the muscles no longer work and the person becomes paralyzed. In some people the paralysis can be near 100% in as little as 8 months. In some people they can survive 20 or more years, but the average life span after diagnois is just 2.5 years. The person's mind and thought process continues to work in a normal fashion. Naturally we all support Dwight Clark in his fight against ALS. Dwight Clark is like family to everyone at National Sports Distributors and to his great 49er and NFL fans!