NFL Chrome Helmets Selling Out

The supply of Riddell NFL Chrome Helmets is now very limited as some teams have sold out and are no longer available. In the mini chrome NFL helmets the following teams are now sold out: Cowboys, Saints, Panthers, Titans, Chargers and Bears. Most teams in the Full size Chrome helmets are sold out but invnetory is still available in very limited quantities for 49ers, Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos, Seahawks, Steelers, Eagles, Dolphins, Vikings and Rams. All other teams are sold out.

NFL Chrome Helmets to start shipping in August - Limited Availability

The single production run of the Riddell NFL Chrome Helmets will begin shipping in August. This limited production series compliments the Riddell NFL Blaze Helmets of one year ago. Available from National Sports Distributors in Petaluma, California many of these helmets already have orders placed against the incoming stock. It is highly reccommended to contact National Sports Distributors to place your order at this time (877) 466-6826 or email [email protected] Some teams are already sold out but many are still available.

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