NFL SpeedFlex Helmets Now Available at National Sports Distributors

The new authentic on-field Riddell NFL SpeedFlex Helmets are now available through National Sports Distributors in Petaluma, California. Shipments for all 32 teams will start after April 1, 2019. These helmets have the "U" on the front of the helmet and have excellent padding inside the helmet along with the quick release facemask hardware. The NFL SpeedFlex Helmets are not available in replica models, only in authentic models. Each helmet is made to order and the current lead time for the helmet to ship is 3-4 weeks. The Riddell NFL SpeedFlex Helmets are more expensive than the traditional NFL helmets.

The history of the NFL helmets has developed over many years. Originally they were leather helmets with no facemasks. then they changed to plastic with Y.A. Tittle becoming the first player to use a facemask to protect his injured face/jaw. This developed into a single bar and then a double bar facemask. For many years the standard helmet was the round shell known as the TK helmets. This changed to become the round shell VSR4 helmet with various model faemasks. The padding inside was improved and vents created in the Speed helmets. The NFL SpeedFlex helmets developed from the Speed helmet with the upside down "U" shock absorbing section in the front top of the helmet and improved padding and facemask attachments.

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