The History of the Super Bowl Game Model Footballs

The history of the Super Bowl football is quite interesting and closely related to National Sports Distributors. For the first 19 Super Bowl games the everyday NFL game football was used in the Super Bowl game. When Super Bowl 20 came about, the Chicago Bears were in the Super Bowl. Wilson Sporting Goods from Chicago, the manufacturer of the NFL footballs, decided to make a special printed football with their local team in the Super Bowl. This special football was printed with the Super Bowl XX logo, the date, the location and the two team names and the Wilson logo. There were no sales of these special footballs to the general public for several years. Shortly after Super Bowl 24 with the 49ers winning the game, Robert Hemphill of National Sports Distributors (a Distributor for Wilson Sporting Goods) told Wilson that he could sell a lot of these footballs if they allowed him to get some from Wilson. Wilson agreed and provided some to National Sports Distributors. The results were amazing with National Sports Distributors selling these Super Bowl footballs as National Sports Distributors was the only company autographing at that time with 49ers quarterback Joe Montana. Shortly thereafter Robert Hemphill asked Wilson to make up some of the Super Bowl XXIII game footballs where Jerry Rice was the MVP. With National Sports Distributors representing Jerry Rice at this time exclusively the sales were impressive. With the success of these Super Bowl footballs for sale, Rob Hemphill created a Super Bowl 16 football designed like the the existing Super Bowl footballs. While never misleading the public that this model 16 football was never used int he game, the sales of this football for Joe Montana (the Super Bowl 16 MVP) was also very successful with the thousands of Joe Montana autographs provided by National Sports Distributors. Rob Hemphill then created the Super Bowl 19 football for Joe Montana to sign as he again was the Super Bowl MVP of this game. With this proven history Wilson Sporting Goods created a whole Throwback line of Super Bowl footballs from #1-19. In addition the Super Bowl footballs have continued to be produced and offered for every Super Bowl including the recent Super Bowl 53 Football available at National Sports Distributors. All these Super Bowl footballs have become great items for any of the players that played in these special games. Each Super Bowl football starting sith #1 to the current game can be special ordered from National Sports Distributors.