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New England Patriots 1965-81 Mini Helmet Throwback

Boston Patriots 1965-81 Mini Helmet Throwback Replica
Price: $25.99

Boston Patriots 1965-81 Throwback Replica Mini Helmet by Riddell. The Boston Patriots wore this logo helmet on the field from 1965-1981. This replica mini has a VSR4 style shell, a grey Z2B facemask, interior padding and a 2 point chin strap. Replica mini helmets feature official colors and decals.

Please Note: This grey facemask version ships in cases of 6 each. Please only order in multiples of 6. In addition these helmets are a special order and are produced about 4 times per year. Please call for details.

Please be aware that we stock two other versions of the Minuteman logo mini helmet. One with the white facemask and one with the red facemask. One of these versions are kept as an in-stock item. Please feel free to call us with any questions.