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San Francisco 49ers Throwback Pro Line Helmet Autographed by 10 HOF Athletes all signed with HOF and the year of induction.

49er hall of fame autographed helmet
Price: $3,499.00

San Francisco 49ers Throwback Pro Line Helmet Autographed by 10 HOF Athletes all signed with HOF and the year of induction. This Beautiful helmet is a limited item with only 500 produced. This project was organized and controlled by National Sports Distributors. All of the helmets have been sold except for these very last few. Signed by Leo Nomellini (deceased), Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Joe Perry (deceased), YA Tittle (deceased), Dave Wilcox, Jimmy Johnson, Hugh McElhenny, Bob St Clair (deceased) and John Henry Johnson (deceased). This item cannot be reproduced with the passing of Bob St. Clair, Leo Nomelini, Joe Perry and John Henry Johnson. Steve Young and Jerry Rice can now be added to this helmet with their recent inductions into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This item can never be reproduced again.

San Francisco 49ers

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Super Bowl Champions

1981 (VXI) MVP = Joe Montana, 1984 (XIX) MVP = Joe Montana, 1988 (XXIII) MVP = Jerry Rice, 1989 (XXIV) MVP = Joe Montana, 1994 (XXIX) MVP = Steve Young

NFC Conference Championships

1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1994, 2012

Pro Football Hall of Fame Members (Year of Induction)

Bill Walsh (1993), Steve Young (2005), YA Tittle (1971), Joe Montana (2000), Jimmy Johnson (1994), Dave Wilcox (2000), Bob St Clair (2008), Jerry Rice (2010), Deion Sanders (2011), Bob Hayes (2009), Rod Woodson (2009), OJ Simpson (1985), Joe Perry (1969), John Henry Johnson (1987), Hugh McElhenny (1970), Ronnie Lott (2000), Chris Doleman (2012), Ricky Jackson (2010), Larry Allen (2013), Leo Nomellini (1969), Fred Dean (2008), Richard Dent (2011), Charles Haley (2015), Eddie DeBartolo (2016)

Retired Numbers

Dwight Clark 87, Jimmy Johnson 37, Bob St Clair 79, Steve Young 8, John Brodie 12, Joe Montana 16, Joe Perry 34, Hugh McElhenny 39, Ronnie Lott 42, Charlie Kruger 70, Leo Nomellini 73, Jerry Rice 80,

Athletes represented by, or have been represented by National Sports Distributors

John Brodie, Russ Francis, Dwight Clark, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Bob St Clair, Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wilcox, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, John Taylor, Hugh McElhenny, Tom Rathman, Keena Turner, Gene Washington. Call 707-285-2900 with your request.