Candlestick Park Seatback Display Case for Montana, Rice and Young Seatback

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Display Case for Seatbacks
Display Case for Seatback
Display Case for Seatback Montana Rice Young
Price: $289.00

This is a high quality Candlestick Park Seatback Display Case and is stunning! These displays are custom made for the Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young signed seatbacks that we have available. The display is constructed of solid wood with a Mahogany finish, an elegant green suede mat and a glass front. These cases have museum quality 99% UV protection glass to help prevent fading of the autographs. Each display includes a lock and key feature to open the display from the front allowing access to the seatback which can be easily removed at any time. In addition, a very nice, 3 line, nameplate is attached saying "Joe Montana" "Jerry Rice  Steve Young", "Original Candlestick Park Seatback".

Each seatback display case comes ready to hang and the hardward for the wall is included. A 1" square of velcro is also included to apply to the back of the seatback to prevent it from moving during an earthquake.  The case measures 24.5'' wide x 23.5" tall x 6" in depth.

This custom seatback display case would normally sell for about $450 at a retail location. Our NSD price is much lower.

Each seatback display case ships separately in its own box with extensive packing materials to protect the glass and display case during transit.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Additional display cases for all our Candlestick Park Seatbacks are also available.

The display case does not include the seatback. Click here Candlestick Park Seatbacks to see all the available autographed and unautographed Candlestick Park Seatbacks or this link for the Montana, Rice and Young Seatback.

$45.00 shipping per seatback to CA, WA, OR, NV and AZ. While not reflected in your shopping cart, $7.00 extra will be added to the shipping cost for all other contiguous states. Again, the packaging is extensive to insure the safe delivery of these beautiful display cases.