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Raiders Jim Otto Only Signing with Robert Hemphill of National Sports Distributors

"Mr Raider" Jim Otto is now working only with National Sports Distributors for any autograph requests. Due to his health conditions, traveling for public autograph shows or other autograph events are no longer possible. Jim Otto has concluded to work solely with Robert Hemphill, the President of National Sports Distributors, to handle all his autographs in a private setting. All autograph requests are welcomed and can be provided for a very reasonable fee by contacting National Sports Distributors by phone at (877) 466-6826 or by emailing them at info@NSDsports.com. They can also be reached through their website at www.NationalSportsMemorabilia.com . It is anticipated that private autograph sessions will be taking place about every 4 months as long as Jim Otto is still capable of signing. Currently for 2020 the next autogaph session is scheduled for June and if possible another one in October. It is highly recommended to get your Jim Otto autographs as soon as possible. National Sports Distributors can also provide you the merchandise to be signed such as photos, footballs, mini and full size helmets, etc. If desired you can also send your personal items to National Sports Distributors to be autographed. Please contact National Sports Distributors for details.

National Sports Distributors has been in business for over 30 years and handles between 5,000 and 60,000 each year.