Riddell SPEEDFLEX Authentic Helmets have been hard to get but we now have most all NFL teams available!

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Rams Super Bowl 56 Champions Helmets Available at National Sports Distributors

The Rams Super Bowl 56 Champions Helmet is available now at National Sports Distributors! These beautiful blue helmets can be ordered in Mini, Full Size Replica, Full Size Authentic and Full Size Authentic SpeedFlex. The Rams blue helmet shell has the Super Bowl LVI Logo on the left side of the helmet and the standard yellow horn decal is on the right side of the helmet. The score of the Super Bowl is under the Super Bowl LVI logo on all the full size helmets but not on the mini helmets due to lack of space.

Super Bowl LVI (56) Football Available at National Sports Distributors

The Super Bowl LVI Official Game Model Football can be ordered at National Sports Distributors. Each football, made by Wilson Sporting Goods, has the 4 heavy leather panels, the decorative Super Bowl LVI logo with the palm trees in the lettering, the two team's names in the Super Bowl Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, February 2022, the location, the Wilson logo, "The Duke" and Roger Goodell as the Commissioner imprinted on the football. The Super Bowl 56 football is a great collectible.

Wilson's New Football for Autographs

National Sports Distributors, a Master Distributor for Wilson Sporting Goods, is proud to have available for sale a new white panel football for autographs. Each full size football has three white panels and one brown panel. On the top panel is a nice embroidered team logo on a white panel. Below this panel is a completely blank white panel which is considered the primary location for autographs.

Spalding will no longer be the manufacturer for the NBA Basketballs

Spalding has lost their license to be the Official NBA Manufacturer of the NBA Basketballs. Wilson Sporting Goods will now have the license to produce the NBA basketballs starting with the 2021/22 season. Production of the Spalding NBA basketballs is now being stopped and product availability for the Spadling NBA basketballs will become hard to obtain.

Super Bowl LV Football available at National Sports Distributors

The Super Bowl LV footballs are available at National Sports Distributors. You can order your Super Bowl 55 football now and once both teams are known the footballs will be produced and shipped to the warehouse at National Sports Distributors. The Super Bowl 55 Football is the same model football as used in the Super Bowl LV game on February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Joe Montana Autograph Signing with National Sports - public and private

Joe Montana is having an autograph signing with National Sports Memorabilia in Petaluma, CA on November 7, 2020. This signing is open to the public as well as to wholesale dealers throughout the USA. The owner of National Sports Distributors/Memorabilia, Robert Hemphill, has been representing or working with Joe Montana for over 28 years. This is the first Joe Montana autograph signing that National Sports Memorabilia has had where the public can obtain autographs at the wholesale autograph price.

SDSU Rugby Coach's Amazing Book About Being a Stowaway on a Cruise Ship Around the World

My SDSU Rugby Coach Rick Frey was the most influential person in my life except for my parents.While I was a player for the San Diego State Rugby Team in the mid-late 1970's I never knew about the background of my coach. Yes, he would make a comment now and then about moment in time about "some trip" he took on a boat but I never knew how unique that boat trip was until many years later in my life. One of the best book club suggestions you can offer someone is his book "Six Weeks on the Throne".

Raiders Jim Otto Only Signing with Robert Hemphill of National Sports Distributors

"Mr Raider" Jim Otto is now working only with National Sports Distributors for any autograph requests. Due to his health conditions, traveling for public autograph shows or other autograph events are no longer possible. Jim Otto has concluded to work solely with Robert Hemphill, the President of National Sports Distributors, to handle all his autographs in a private setting.

49ers and Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Items

The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are in Super Bowl LIV (54) being played in Miami, Florida on February 2, 2020. The demand for Super Bowl items is higher than normal with these two great teams going head to head. There are Riddell Super Bowl LIV helmets available, each in the light aqua color with the Super Bowl LIV decals. The Speed version of the Replica Full Size and the Authentic Full Size can be ordered. The mini helmet is already sold out. In addition, the Super Bowl 54 Football is available.

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