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SDSU Rugby Coach's Amazing Book About Being a Stowaway on a Cruise Ship Around the World

My SDSU Rugby Coach Rick Frey was the most influential person in my life except for my parents.While I was a player for the San Diego State Rugby Team in the mid-late 1970's I never knew about the background of my coach. Yes, he would make a comment now and then about moment in time about "some trip" he took on a boat but I never knew how unique that boat trip was until many years later in my life. One of the best book club suggestions you can offer someone is his book "Six Weeks on the Throne". This true story taking place in 1966 will capture your attention from the very first chaper an never let you go! From leaving Hawaii and traveling to Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Morocco, Spain and England it is simply astonishing on how he survived with hardly any money and on identification. I highly recommend this book to anyone!