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Spalding will no longer be the manufacturer for the NBA Basketballs

Spalding has lost their license to be the Official NBA Manufacturer of the NBA Basketballs. Wilson Sporting Goods will now have the license to produce the NBA basketballs starting with the 2021/22 season. Production of the Spalding NBA basketballs is now being stopped and product availability for the Spadling NBA basketballs will become hard to obtain.

Having the Spalding NBA Basketballs is very important for autographs for the NBA players that played from 1983-2021. If you are going to have players from 1983 to 2021 sign basketballs it is very important to buy these basketballs now before the price goes up and they become hard to obtain. Currently you can purchase these basketballs at this link SPALDING NBA BASKETBALL at National Sports Distributors. The NBA game and NBA Indoor/Outdoor replica model basketballs can be purchased here while stock is still available.

The new manufacturer will be Wilson Sporting Goods and these basketballs will also be available at National Sports Distributors in mid-late 2021. National Sports Distributors has been a Platinum Distributor for Spalding since 1993 and a Master Distributor for Wilson Sporting Goods since 1989.