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Super Bowl LVI (56) Football Available at National Sports Distributors

The Super Bowl LVI Official Game Model Football can be ordered at National Sports Distributors. Each football, made by Wilson Sporting Goods, has the 4 heavy leather panels, the decorative Super Bowl LVI logo with the palm trees in the lettering, the two team's names in the Super Bowl Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, February 2022, the location, the Wilson logo, "The Duke" and Roger Goodell as the Commissioner imprinted on the football. The Super Bowl 56 football is a great collectible.

Super Bowl 1-19 used the normal every day game football. Then for Super Bowl 20 the Chicago Bears wre in the Super Bowl. Wilson, being established in Chicago, decided to make a special football to commemorate their local team and thus the tradition of the Super Bowl footballs was created. National Sports Distributors was the first company to bring these Super Bowl footballs to the marketplace when the 49ers won Super Bowl 24. Before that the Super Bowl footballs were not available.

As a Master Distributor for Wilson Sporting Goods, National Sports Distributors is not allowed to show certain items below a specific price. However you can phone in your order and receive the current lower price! (877) 466-6826. You can also visit the website and see this Super Bowl 56 Football at this link Super Bowl 56 Football and then call us to place your order at the discounted price!