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Top Gun Fighter Pilot Ben Hemphill from Korean War Appearing July 4, 2023 on USS Hornet Carrier Alameda CA

On July 4th, 2023, my dad Ben Hemphill will the special guest on the USS Hornet Navy Carrier in Alameda, CA. During the Korean War, he was a Top Gun Fighter Pilot with 49 missions on the carrier called the Antietam, the sister ship to the USS Hornet with the same exact construction. His area of expertise was bombing tanks, bridges, railroads and strategic locations in the AD Skyraider planes. He was on the Antietam Aircraft Carrier for its entire time while active in the Korean War. The plan is for him to autograph the same 8x10 photo as pictured and, as his gift, provide these to the attending public on July 4th. It is estimated that he will appear about 1:30 pm. An interesting story, dad never really talked about the war until my mom passed away about 15 years ago. When the first "Top Gun" movie came out dad and I went to see the movie and during the movie, while looking at the pilot's patches on the leather jackets, dad nudged me and leaned over and said "See that patch. I have that patch." When the movie was over, I told him we were not leaving the parking lot until he told me why he had that patch. I never knew that he was a "Top Gun" instructor as well. Really? (Top Gun was called back then US Navy Fighter Weapons School.) Dad later retired as a Commander.
I encourage you all to come visit dad for this once in a lifetime experience. He will be set up in the hanger deck with planes behind him with his uniforms, metals, helmet, and more. At 95 years old it is rare to find a fighter pilot today with his experience, mental capabilities and great personality. As his gift, he is planning on passing out over 100 autographed 8x10 photos of the carrier image above to the first visitors.
The USS Hornet is now starting to announce his appearance. It only costs about $10-20 to visit this great carrier museum. Plan on spending about 3 hours to tour the entire carrier. You can buy tickets online by searching USS Hornet and going to their website or by clicking on this link for updates on the July 4th event https://uss-hornet.org/calendar/4th-of-july-celebration-2023 . Dad will be appearing about 1:30 pm at a table between two airplanes wearing his Navy flight jacket with his helmet and uniforms behind him. Feel free to email me back with any questions.

 Hope to see you there!

Robert Hemphill

National Sports Distributors, LLC