Wilson's New Football for Autographs

National Sports Distributors, a Master Distributor for Wilson Sporting Goods, is proud to have available for sale a new white panel football for autographs. Each full size football has three white panels and one brown panel. On the top panel is a nice embroidered team logo on a white panel. Below this panel is a completely blank white panel which is considered the primary location for autographs. The opposite top panel is white with the teams name, the NFL shield logo and the statements "National Football Conference" and " American Football Conference." Under this panelis a brown panel with the Wilson logo.

These footballs are a great deal for the manufactured suggested price of $29.99 but even a better deal at National Sports Distributors for a lower price and volume discounts. At a price that is frequently less than the cost of a mini helmet, it is nice to know that you can get a high quality Wilson football for autographs and not have to get another manufacturer's football for the same price or more for a football with less quality. You can order these football ast this link Football for Autographs direct from National Sports Distributors.

49ers team logo football

National Sports Distributors (NSD) designed and created the first white panel football back in 1990! In addition to the white panel football this company also brought the Super Bowl footballs to the marketplace along with the Rozelle Game Model Football, the Throwback Duke Game Football and many additional items for the sports memorabilia industry. National Sports Distributors has been in business since 1989 and since then handles between 5,000 and 60,000 autographs each year. NSD knows the autograph marketplace extremely well and is a company that can be trusted!