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Easy Way to Get Free Wireless Service

I have found a great way to get free wireless service for your life! I stumbled across this, did some research and now have found it very true. Basically speaking, a company called Lightyear Wireless gives you free wireless service if you refer 5 new accounts to them. I would suggest referring about 7 new accounts as you must always have 5 active an yours is then free every month.

San Francisco Giants Brian Wilson Out for the Season?

If Brian Wilson is out for the season, let's all remember how great he was during the 2010 World Series. Since he was such a major factor in getting the team to the 2010 World Series, he will always be a key person to have on autographed World Series merchandise or to have him sign with the special inscription 2010 World Series Champion. Naturally we wish him the best with his injury, but if he cannot play on the field this year, maybe that give us all a greater opportunity to meet him at a signing event.

New Riddell Mini Speed Helmets are the mini helmets of the future!

The Riddell Mini Speed Helmets will be the new mini helmets of the future. The Speed Helmet is the new version of the NFL and College helmets being worn by the players on the field. These awesome looking helmets have a modern look to them with holes and raised sections in the helmet design. This helmet also provides better protection to the athletes from previous helmets. In the NFL, Riddell can no longer provide the older version VSR4 model to the players, but if a player was previously using the VSR4 helmet they can continue to use that same exact helmet.

Will Anybody Beat the Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers are on a fantastic winning streak. Looking at their schedule, they will most likely go 16 wins and 0 losses for the regular season. Every aspect of their game is working. Teams do not get them figured out until it is too late in the 2nd half. During the playoffs, can the Saints or the 49ers beat them? Maybe, but the bets will be with the Packers. It is great to see a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers do so well and be such a nice guy.

Super Sports Memorabilia Deals Now through December at NSD!

National Sports Distributors will be having the the best sale for autographed sports memorabilia in its 22 year history. With the Holidays, NSD will be posting sales that are simply ranked as one of the best in the nation. In addition to the sale items there are many great deals on unautographed closeout merchandise. Now is the time to stock up or increase your sports memorabilia collection as many of these items cannot even be replaced for the current sales prices.

The St Louis Cardinals Deserved to Win the World Series!

What a run for the World Series Champions Cardinals! What a great story, from being so far down near the end fo teh baseball season and ending up winning it all. This run, along with the amazing Game 6 will always be remembered by all baseball fans. I feel for the Texas Rangers being just one strike away (twice) to win the 1st World Series for the Texas Rangers franchise. After loosing to the SF Giants last year, and being so close this year, maybe next year will be their year.

Bay Area NFL Football Teams Finally Doing Great!

It has been a long time since we had the 49ers and the Raiders doing well at the same time. Finally the good times appear to be back! Even with campbell breaking his collar bone, the Raiders should continue to succeed with the likes of Carson Palmer. NFL football is exciting again for the Bay Area fans. Let's hope this momentum can continue for many years to come.

Current Athletes Need to Learn How to Properly Work in Autograph Settings

This last week, a signing took place with a well known SF Giants pitcher. He appeared at a local known sports memorabilia store. The store did everything right to accomodate their customers as well as the athlete. However, once the athlete arrived with his agent, the agent created havoc and an unpleasant event. What is it with these big ego agents and the young athletes? This signing could have been a great event, instead the agent came in and had to be the big shot, taking over and doing a terrible job in having the athlete autograph merchandise. People were upset.

NSD Holograms Desired by Insurance Companies

The numbered holograms applied to the NSD autographed sports memorabilia is desired by the insurance companies for any claim of loss. Here at NSD, we personally witness the athlete signing every piece of sports memorabilia that we sell. When we sell you the item, a numbered hologram is applied to the item, a certificate of authenticity is provided with the item reflecting the same number as on the hologram and this item is recorded under the buyer's name in our database. Why is this so important?

The NFL is back! Are you ready for some NFL football!

The NFL is back with the CBA agreed to today by the NFL players. Let's all think positive as the NFL moves forward with this new 10 year agreement. This is not only good news for everyone in the NFL but also for all the businesses associated with any aspect of the NFL from restaurants to sports memorabilia. We are all ready for some NFL football!

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