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December 2010

The Sports Collectible Business Picking Up in Economy!

The sports collectible business appears to be picking up with the recovery of the ecomony. Yesterday NSD brought 49er Dwight Clark to join Joe Montana, Roger Craig and others to a public event in San Mateo, California. The public was eager, once again, to pay and line up for having their football heroes sign sports memorabilia. It was encouraging to this welcome change. On a side note, a family came to meet Dwight Clark and Joe Montana. The daughter was named Montana and the son was named Clark. The media was there for the introduction of the family.

Super Bowl Footballs - A Brief History

Super Bowl Footballs are great items to collect for your sports collectible collection. Each year, starting with Super Bowl 20, a special football has been made that is used in the Super Bowl Game. Wilson Sporting Goods is located is based out of Chicago and when the Chicago Bears made it to Super Bowl 20 Wilson Sporting Goods said let's celebrate our local team making the Super Bowl and create a special football to be used in the game.

Cam Newton Wins the Heisman Trophy!

University of Auburn football player Cam Newton has won the Heisman Trophy. It is great to see that his play on the field has determined that he is a winner. This is the first class of finalists where there were no Seniors represented. It will be interesting to see if any of these finalists will opt for the NFL next year. Personally, I hope that they all stay in college, play for their existing team and graduate. However, one or all of them may be signing NFL sports memorabilia in a few months!