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July 2011

The NFL is back! Are you ready for some NFL football!

The NFL is back with the CBA agreed to today by the NFL players. Let's all think positive as the NFL moves forward with this new 10 year agreement. This is not only good news for everyone in the NFL but also for all the businesses associated with any aspect of the NFL from restaurants to sports memorabilia. We are all ready for some NFL football!

Let's get the NFL back and going again!

The NFL players and the NFL owners need to get the situation settled and do so quickly. The momentum of NFL sales related to all types of business is starting to have its effects on restaurants, jersey sales, all types of businesses and now the small businesses around the Pro Football Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio. Now that the Hall of Fame game has been cancelled, just think how many sales are lost for the hotels, the gift shops, the taxis, food outlets, the busses and all the rest of the businesses related to the NFL business. Come on players, vote and lets go!