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April 2011

The NFL Draft - Hopefully the start to a great 2011 season!

The NFL Draft starts tonight. Let's all hope that this is the start for a great season in 2011. Let's hurry and get the strike settled so we can all move forward. At times I do not think the owners or the players really know how much is effected by a strike, the restaurants, the sports memorabilia stores, the bars, the fan shops, the framing industry, etc. With that said, tomorrow many retired players will announce a draft pick for their former team. We are glad to see that our great friend Dwight Clark will be announcing the 49er pick on Friday.

49er Joe Perry dies at 84 years old

Over the years we have been priviledged to have worked with retired 49er Joe Perry. Joe died today at 84 years old. Our fondest memory of Joe was working with him when we had all living 49er Hall of Fame players from the 49ers sign 500 helmets in 2000. Joe Perry was always very polite, smiling and promoting his famous "million dollar backfield." The atmosphere that day was more like a family of great friends instead of football players. Known for taking off so fast in the backfield, Joe was nicknamed "The Jet." Joe Perry will be missed.

SF Giants Gold Ring Ceremony Jerseys are Beautiful!

The San Francisco Giants World Series Gold Ring Ceremony Authentic Jerseys ($199-219) are one of the most beautiful MLB baseball jerseys ever produced. We are proud to announce that we will be getting more of these authentic jerseys in June. Only three players are produced, Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson and Buster Posey. In addition we will have some without numbers, but with the great gold Giants on the front along with the patches. Anyone interested in ordering these jerseys needs to order now and not wait until they arrive as they will be sold out by then.

SF Giants Gold April 9th Home Jersey are fantastic!

The special edition San Francisco Giants Gold Home jerseys that they will wear on April 9th for receiving their World Series rings are awsome looking. These are one of the best jerseys produced by MLB and Majestic. This production was a single run only so when they are gone they are gone. We have some authentics left as of today. Go Giants!